Hybrid fireplace

A hybrid fireplace is a fireplace that can be ignited on pellets and firewood. The fireplace allows automatic switching from firewood to pellets. In the event of a power failure, the fireplace can be lit on wood. The hybrid fireplace has a storage tank for 40 kg of pellets, which is enough for 3 to 5 days. All models of hybrid storage trucks allow the tank to be increased to 100, 200 or 400kg. The hybrid fireplace also allows remote control – via the Internet.

Automatic operation of a hybrid fireplace

The hybrid fireplace automatically operates:

  • ignition pellets and firewood
  • transition from wood to pellets
  • cold air supply
  • cleaning of the firebox
  • power regulation

Pečarstvo Megamik is an authorized representative and installer of the hybrid fireplace manufacturer Iwona Pellets. The manufacturer offers 4 different models of fireplaces, which differ mainly in appearance. We distinguish two types of hybrid fireplaces used as:

  • single room fireplace, for heating the central space. It also enables the distribution of heating in other rooms.
  • central fireplace, for heating the whole house, up to 200m2

Easy to use hybrid fireplace

The hybrid fireplace has a special active clear glass system, which means that the glass is cleaned very infrequently. The hybrid fireplace is also distinguished by a small amount of ash accumulation. Pečarstvo Megamik recommends a hybrid fireplace due to its automatic operation, automatic regulation, quiet operation, automatic cooling against overheating and low installation costs.

Hybrid fireplace for heating the whole house

The hybrid fireplace enables heating of the house surface up to 200m2. It has over 90% efficiency, low particulate matter emissions and low carbon monoxide emissions.

The use of hybrid fireplaces:


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