Masonry fireplaces of Pečarstvo Megamik

Masonry fireplaces are also a hallmark of Pečarstvo Megamik. These are beautiful indoor fireplaces where you will warm up, relax and enjoy your time inside.

Each product is designed by Boštjan and is unique or one of a kind.

Masonry fireplaces of Pečarstvo Megamik will bring savings in heating costs and at the same time it brings a lively feeling in the room. Our fireplaces are built with fireproof material that retains the heat long after the wood has burned. The final lining of the fireplace can be made of stone, fireclay ovens or just finished with stove plaster. After the installation of the fireplace, we ignite the fireplace for the first time and explain the instructions for use to the customer in detail.

Central heating with a fireplace

Fireplaces can conjure up an atmosphere by a crackling fire, heat the room or even more rooms through the distribution of warm air. Pečarstvo Megamik also offers the option of central heating the house with a fireplace. In the implementation we cooperate with a proven cooperator – installer.

Renovation of an open fireplace

Pečarstvo Megamik offers renovation of an open fireplace with a fireplace cassette. The fireplace cassette can be made to exact measurements, leaving the fireplace lining unchanged. A standard fireplace cassette can also be installed in an open fireplace, which means certain modifications in the fireplace lining. With the fireplace cassette we achieve greater utilization and safe use of the fireplace. If the customer only wants to close the firebox, a glass door is the solution.


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