Pečarstvo Megamik upgraded its craft in 2016. In southern Styria – Pišece 99A represents a model house – the Megamik Energy House. The special feature of the house is that it is heated exclusively by a tiled stove. What is a tiled stove? When burning, a tiled stove emits heat and flue gas which is accumulated in the material the stove is built with. A tiled stove has a high heat storage capacity and it slowly transfers heat to the room. A tiled stove brings a pleasant warmth to the home, which also balances, calms and makes one happy spiritually.

The central feature of the Megamik energy house is the hot air and storage furnace. The flow of warm air is regulated in all rooms and is distributed in such a way that it enables a constant temperature during the day. The stove is distinguished by low operating costs, as the consumption of firewood is approx. 4 m3 per season. The Megamik energy house is an upgrade of the long-term accumulation of experience and knowledge of Boštjan.

Pečarstvo Megamik has been combining experience and innovations in the field of making fireplaces for a quarter of a century. Prior to implementation, it professionally advises and arranges the appropriate procurement of materials. In addition to building a stove, it also offers a house concept that can be exclusively adapted to the investor’s requirements and their living needs. Special attention is paid to the selection of natural materials that equally absorb and emit moisture and are compatible with each other. This method of construction means that the house naturally “breathes”, and the climate in the house is pleasant in all seasons. The house built in this way has no negative radiation, so it provides a pleasant living experience, creative atmosphere and excellent well-being. We would like to present the concept of the Megamik house to all future investors, for whom the economy of construction and low costs for heating and maintenance of the house are important. We will present the house approximately once a month. Enter your details if you want us to inform you about the dates and details of the presentation.


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