Prefabricated fireplaces for a pleasantly warm home

Pečarstvo Megamik among other products also offers prefabricated fireplaces. WIth it comes the delivery of a finished fireplace, as well as an installation to the cold air supply and chimney. We offer a wide selection of models. We offer high-quality ready-made fireplaces, with which you will create a pleasantly warm home.

Cold air supply

All models of finished fireplaces have a connection to the cold air supply, which means that the use is completely safe. Some models also have automatic air regulation in the firebox that makes it easier to use.

Offer of prefabricated fireplaces

On this page you can enjoy a large selection of ready-made fireplaces from world-renowned manufacturers, and quickly find the fireplace that best suits your wishes and needs. Before the final choice, we recommend consulting an expert – Bošjan. He will advise you on the choice based on a tour of the space where the fireplace is going to be located. When building a new building, we advise investors to consult with us about the appropriate chimney and cold air supply when designing. We also offer our customers different types of protective glass doors for their fireplace.

Fireplace maintenance

At the time of purchase Pečarstvo Megamik provides all customers with instructions for use and maintenance. After the installation of the fireplace we ignite the fireplace for the first time and explain the instructions for use to the customer in detail. We offer a high-quality cleaning products for the fireplace glass, and quality odorless cubes for burning. We also offer the repair services of these fireplaces.


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