When burning, a tiled stove emits the heat and flue gas released to the mass of the stove, which has a high heat storage capacity, so it slowly transfers heat to the room.

The exterior of the tiled stove can be tiles of different models and color shades. Pečarstvo Megamik offers tiles from renowned European manufacturers and you can choose from over 300 possible color shades. Tile types and models are also very diverse. Tiles can be replaced by oven plaster. Maintenance of tiles is very easy only with use of a damp cloth – no cleaners. Areas of the tiled stove that have been treated with oven plaster are occasionally be painted white.

A tiled stove has a fireclay hearth closed with a door. The doors have a cold air supply. The stove obtains the necessary air from the outside, which means that the heating is safe and harmless to health. Users of tiled stoves claim that the it brings a special warmth to the room, which calms and makes you spiritually happier.

For burning in a tiled stove, we recommend 2 years of naturally dried firewood: beech, oak, hornbeam or acacia. Customers also like to confirm the fact that the tiled stove needs to be loaded on the firebox only a few logs about every 12 hours. In this case, the stove is always warm and pleasantly warm.

Pečarstvo Megamik also offers regular inspection and service of the stove. With quality wood and following the included instructions, the first major cleaning of the tiled stove can be avoided for 10 years or more.

The tiled stove also enables the baking of various dishes: e.g. bread, pizza, meat, etc.

Each stove is unique, placed according to the available space, the position of the chimney and last but not least according to the wishes of the customer. We recommend a consultation with Boštjan, who will be able to give proper advice based on his many years of experience.


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